Monday, October 30, 2006

12 days until baby?

Well, if she is born on her due date, we have only 12 days left until we meet our precious baby girl. At my appointment today though, my midwife told me she doesn't expect to see me at next week's appointment. She said that based on the progress I have made in the last week, she gives me only a 50% or less chance of making it to my appointment next week. This is very encouraging news, but at the same time just a little bit scary. In less than a month (and possibly much sooner) Dave and I will be responsible for a tiny being that will rely on us for her every need. I am super excited though...I can't wait to meet this little girl! (For anyone who is interested, I have posted my 'stats' from last week's appointment and this week's below).


baby is at -2 station
1-2 cm dilated
60% effaced


baby is at -1 station
2 cm dilated
80% effaced

Her prediction is based on the difference in station. She said the baby has moved WAY down since my last appointment, and the head is definitely engaged. I feel like I am emotionally ready for her to come, but there is so much we still need to do to get the house ready. Her bassinet is still in pieces and I need to make certain all of her clothes are washed and we have plenty of diapers etc. Guess we had better get a move on just in case she does make an appearance sooner rather than later.

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  1. Good luck, Super Mom. I found your site on the "Next Bolg" link. Hope all is well. If it is not remember the magical powers of chocolate cake and wipped cream frosting. Good luck again.