Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ready for baby

Well, I am sure if you are reading this, you probably know me pretty well and are aware that I am pregnant. I am due Nov. 11, 2006 (only 16 days away). I am getting very excited to meet our baby girl. I'm not sure why, but I keep have and inkling that she will not stay put until Nov. 11. Dad is supposed to be flying in on the 10th so of course he is hoping she atleast makes it until then, and Mom is driving up and wants me to call her the minute I think I am in labor so that she can hopefully be here for the birth also. (It is a 24 hour drive...sorry Mom, but I hope I am not in labor that long).

We toured the hospital a couple of weeks ago and I was pretty disappointed in the facility. The hospital website describes the birthing rooms as comfortable and homelike, but I have never seen a more sterile looking birthing room. The postpartum rooms are awful also. They are tiny and have 2 beds shoved in there where there is barely a foot of walking space between them...pretty much just enough space for the curtain that hangs in the middle. There is also about a foot of room between the bed and the wall on the other side of each bed, and about 3-4 feet between the end of the bed and the wall...and the only chair is wooden and uncomfortable looking. I was told they have cots and sleeper chairs for if Dave wants to spend the night, but I don't have a clue where they would put it in this room. I hate to complain about it so much, but really, you would think they could do a little better than that. Oh well, atleast I will be meeting my baby girl, and I am sure the surroundings won't matter quite so much after that (but I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have a room mate).

In other news, we still haven't picked out a name for sure, but have a few choices narrowed down and are still looking for other possibilities that we like. I doubt that we will decide before we meet her, but if we do, I don't know if we will share our choice. All that matters is that we like the name, but when we share the name and someone doesn't like it, our feelings tend to get a little hurt (ok, Dave's may not, but mine do, and I don't want to be talked out of a name I love because someone else doesn't care for it). Either way, y'all don't have long to wait...we have to come up with a name soon because we won't be calling her 'baby' forever. I hope this was decent for my first blog and that everyone will continue to read as a way of keeping up with the goings on in our life.


  1. Yay for starting a blog! I'll be a faithful reader :)

  2. Hey, it's Krystal here, and in case I haven't said it enough, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I look forward to seeing pix of you and the baby, and want to wish you the best of luck!

    P.S. I agree with the whole waiting to announce the name until it's permanent thing. Good idea.