Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making Plarn

Well, for some reason, I still can't get my post to the top of the page and pictures at the bottom, so here it is anyway...just scroll down for the post.

Braided Rug (made from old scrubs)

Crocheted Rug ("Yarn" made out of old t-shirts)

Aly's Plarn Purse (Recycled grocery bags)

Caprisun Lunchbox (Umm...recycled Caprisun pouches)

Yesterday morning I found myself eating cheerios for breakfast while making "Plarn" (plastic bag yarn...out of recycled grocery bags). I felt a little like a child again...making something from something else (remember macaroni necklaces) or just pretending it was something else. I have made only one thing so far from plarn...a small purse for my daughter to put her things in (it holds 3 or so My Little Ponys...her current favorite). I have plenty of raw material for more now though! I had about 3 grocery bags full of bags which I have now condensed down into a few balls. I used some different types of bags too that were a little thicker, so hopefully they will work as well.

Dave always teases me about repurposing and recycling to make yarn out of strange things, but I know he is happy I am not spending money on real yarn anymore lol...or atleast very rarely. Dave may think I'm crazy, but I recently learned that my dad thinks its neat to repurpose! He came to visit and I was showing him all of my recent creations and he was impressed. I will post some pictures below. He also told me when we move back to KY (next month) he has several bags of grocery bags for me. YAY free material!

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