Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in Kentucky

We got moved back to KY with no real problems. We are currently living in my Dad's house until we can find jobs and afford a place of our own. Our summer was pretty low key since we really didn't have any money to spend. Alex and Devin (my stepsons) were here over the summer. Devin went back to NY about a month ago, and we just took Alex back yesterday. I believe Alex will be coming back to live with us permenently next year after he turns twelve. He seems pretty miserable at his mom's...I just wish she could see it and let us have him without a fight.

I started school a few weeks ago, getting my prerequisites for Nursing done with. So far, my Anatomy and Physiology class seems like it will be the hardest. I have a lab test coming up next week which I feel like I really need to study for, but it seems that's all I have been doing lately. (Going to class and doing homework and studying). So far though, the quizzes and tests I have taken I have done very well on, so I am just wondering if I have to continue to have no life in order to pass my classes. lol. I just want a good balance again. Aly is also in school (early head-start), so I try to study when she is in school, but still never seem to have enough time to spend with her in the evenings. I'll have to try to start budgeting my time better.

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  1. Balance is a word that comes up in my life all the time, too. It's a difficult thing to decide what is most important when--work, house stuff, yard work, remodeling, crafting, time with kids, time with the hubster. I've decided you just have to do the best you can and not worry about it. You'll choose the wrong thing on occasion, but so does everyone else.

    I think the schooling will be important to you, your husband, and your daughter in the long run and is well worth putting high on the list. I went back to school and finished off a bachelor's degree and a master's a few years ago. My son and I graduated the same year--different schools. My youngest was in high school. I think the time was well spent in many ways. My kids saw that it was possible to get there even if you do it a bit late. (Really late in my case, I started at 50!). They knew I really did understand that homework was a pain and took a lot of time. The balance was not always what might have been best, but I'm glad I persevered and put the school work near the top--right after keeping the kids alive and semi-happy.

    Hang on! It will be over before you know it.