Friday, September 24, 2010

Back on track!

Yesterday I got back on track a bit with my projects. I spent probably 6 hours or so creating 2 new handbags. I love how the bottom one turned out (the first one I made). The other one, I am still undecided on. It is cute, but I am not sure it is something I would carry myself. For these projects I recycled/repurposed a bed sheet, lacy dress, placemat and pair of curdoroys. I may still do some finishing touches to these; I think the lacy bag needs a ribbon or other detail a the top, and the placemat bag has a seam showing on one of the handles (but down on the bag I think I may put a flower or something there.)

 Lacy skirt bag...made from lacy dress and bed sheet.

Placemat bag...made from a placemat and pair of curdoroy pants.

I talked to someone yesterday about possibly consigning some purses and things at their shop. I think she has a nice, fair way of doing consignment. I tell her how much I need to get out of my items, and she marks it up 50% from there and tries to sell it. When it sells, I get my price and she gets the 50%...everywhere else I went, they price the items and I get 40 or 50% after it sells. Most of those places also send it to goodwill if it hasn't sold within 3 months. I don't want my bags that I make sent to goodwill, so those places are not a good fit for me. With the other place, I will have to ask for a little less than what I actually want out of my bags in order for them to sell once she marks them up, but I think it is a good deal anyway. I am not really putting my things in consignment to make money anyway, for me it is more for market see if there are people out there who like and will buy my things. I asked some of my friends and family on facebook to rate some of my bags and things by telling me what they would expect to pay for such an item, but haven't had any responses yet.

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