Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I won't feel bad anymore!

So, I have decided today that I will no longer feel bad for cutting up clothes that some might deem (somewhat) reusable. I took a trip to the local goodwill store and found a few choice pieces of material (quite large) for $1.50 per piece (average piece was 3-4 yards). When I went to checkout though, I asked if they had any smaller pieces for a lower price, and the cashier told me that they THROW THEM OUT!!! They are only supposed to put the large pieces out for sale, and throw away the smaller pieces. I asked if maybe they could give them to me or put them in a free bin instead, and she said that was not allowed. (She did promise to talk to a district manager about it though).

I was flabergasted that they throw away perfectly usable material pieces! I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but people donate those things thinking someone else will get to use them....and so that they don't end up in our LANDFILLS! It absolutely enrages me to think about because I know lots of quilters or scrap crafters like me who would love to have those pieces. I am holding out a small shred of hope that next time I go in there, I will see a bin of free fabric pieces. This experience has made me realize though, even if I donated my old clothes to goodwill instead of reusing them, probably half of my stuff would end up in the landfill anyway. (Either for being outdated or having a stain or something).

Well, there is my rant for the day. On a more positive note, I think I am going to try to start creating something everyday (or atleast days I am not totally overcome with school work). I hope to eventually be able to sell some of my recycled creations, so making something each day will help get me on that road to having enough to actually start selling. Hopefully I will be blogging more about my experiences also and sharing pictures!

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