Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project Pictures

I finally got some pictures to upload, so I am going to try to post pictures I promised last week of some of my projects. These projects are all made from recycled materials.

Rag Rug that I finished a few days ago. It measures about 21 inches.

New rug I am working on.

Aly's Dora handbag...made from shorts (and a shirt).

Inside pockets...mismatched socks.

Cute handbag-Recycled placemat, mens shirt, button, scrap quilt material.

Liner is a recycled pillowcase, pockets made from the mens shirt.
Cloth napkins. Purchased fabric remnant with chickens, reverse side from mens shirt.
Purse crocheted with T-yarn.

Crocheted plarn purse.

I'm so happy to finally be able to upload these pics! Now I just need to get started on some new projects...right after I finish my homework lol.  (this link is for a scholarship I am applying for--feel free to check them out!)

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