Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I decided to try out the scavenger hunt this week...hoping I could get my pictures to load because it hasn't been working for me all week. Ok, well, I got my pictures to load, but they are in backwards order, and I can't seem to figure out how to move them around. So in backwards order, here they are. (Square, Pair, Currency, Clean, Wish/Dream).

I was looking for a quilt square this morning, but don't know what I did with them, so this is a handle I stitched onto one of my bags. Its a square with X inside.
What a cute pair of feet-my daughter's while she was sleeping.

Currency-some blurry pennies, but I liked this shot.

Some clean plates in the dishwasher.

My dream is to be able to make and sell my projects for a living or atleast some extra cash. Almost everything I make is from recycled materials. This bag is an old green towel, the stripe (and liner) is a bedsheet, the flower embellishment is old t-shirts, and the hem at top is jean...there is a jean layer in the handle and on the inside between the towel and make it sturdy enough to carry my books.

This project was fun, and made me think about my shots...I think I will do this every Sunday if I can. (Maybe I can learn how to work my camera better while I am at it lol.)

Next week's items:
1. Miniature
2. Water Droplet
3. Bedhead
4. Colorful
5. Eyes


  1. I'm so glad you've linked up and I do hope you'll participate again next week. What kinda camera are you shooting with? If I can be of any assistance, just let me know and have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the welcome Ashley. I am using a Nikon D60 which I have had for over a year, but haven't gotten to play with and learn as much about it as I want to. I desperately want to take a digital photography class, but have too much on my plate right now!

  3. Great shots! I am with you with the "dream/wish" photo-but I am not as talented as you-that is an awesome purse.

  4. I have that same dream! I never feel my stuff is good enough to sell though! I love the shot of your daughter's feet!