Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pictures and Studying?

I have an exam coming up in my Anatomy & Physiology lab, and there is a practice test set up for studying with microscopes and slides that will be similar to what we will be seeing on our test. So, today I went and took some pictures of the slides to help me study (not the simplest task either to take these pics), but some of the slides turned out pretty cool looking, so I thought I would share them.

Who knew that cells, tissues, and bone could be so pretty when viewed through a microscope?  If any of you ever try to get pics through a microscope like this, be sure to block out the light between the camera lens and the microscope eyepiece and don't get discouraged! It is a pain for sure, but these eventually came out pretty nice. (Also, I had to turn my focus from auto to manual...yay for learning how to do something on my camera lol).

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