Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday's Post

Well, Sunday I couldn't get my computer to upload pictures to my blog, so here is Sunday's post...a day late.

At about 1:00am (Saturday night/Sunday morning) I finally finished the rug I have been working on intermittently for the last couple weeks. I think it turned out nice, but different from my original vision. The coolest thing about this rug is that it was truly made from scraps with the exception of the dark pink...that was a pair of scrub bottoms. The rest was all pieces that were less than 1 square foot, and most were actually odd triangle pieces or trimmings that I could only get one or two strips from, so the prep work took a bit longer on this one...but  it is more recycled too, because most of the pieces were too small for much else. I'll be looking to start another project tonight or tomorrow...hopefully a simple one so I can finish it in one day and feel like I've accomplished something. Well, here is a picture of my rug, and a one of our ride today.

My wonderful rug!

Getting ready to ride out.

It was pretty cold starting out and I couldn't find anyone to watch Munckin, so I wound up driving the van instead of riding my bike or riding with hubby. It was still a fun trip, but the directions and map were absolutely attrocious! 

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