Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY: Star Wars Baby Wicket Ewok Costume

Buying a costume for a baby can be very have to consider many things:
  1. Will they keep it on?
  2. Will it irritate their skin?
  3. Will it fit in their carseat safely?
  4. Will it be warm enough or cool enough for the weather?
  5. Does it look adorable?
  6. Can I afford to spend $$$?
Making this one myself, from things we already owned and he had already worn answered most of the above questions for me. Scroll down for the "tutorial."

I hesitate to call this a tutorial because, well, there isn't much to it, and I didn't take step-by-step pictures, but here it is anyway! First, I found brown pants and long-sleeved onesie...I had to turn the pants inside out because the feet had monkeys on them (hubby complained you could see the pants tag, but I was carrying him anyway, so it wouldn't show...otherwise it could be cut out). The onesie actually had a picture on it also, but it was (mostly) covered by the hood (you can see just a smidge of it in the pic above--again, if I had been worried about this, I could have used a safety pin or double-sided tape to keep the hood taped down). Then I found another onesie in red that would fit comfortably as a hood and turned it inside out so the picture on it wouldn't show and put it over his head, making sure the sleeves were tucked in. The tag is printed on that onesie, so it does show, but didn't bother me...I later realized that if I had put the tag under his chin, it probably wouldn't have shown at all. I also originally had planned to sew (or pin) on some fuzzy ears, but that didn't happen either. After all, he is 2 months old...he was clean, dry, warm enough, not too warm, and completely adorable...what more can you ask...?

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