Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What does Home-School Look Like?

Of course home-school will look different for everyone but here are a few pictures of what it sometimes looks like at our house.

I drew this picture on a slate in the old schoolhouse at Silver Dollar City. We always visit the schoolhouse when we go to SDC and if we stay for the history lesson I count that as school work. Actually, you might be surprised how much you can learn at a park like Silver Dollar City especially if you plan for learning.

Munchkin working on her phonics while laying on the couch in her room.

Here she is using my Joy of Signing book to teach herself how to finger spell the word cat. 
(This time she is in my room).

Curled up in a chair at the dining room table working on a test.

Catching up on some work in the car.

Driving a pedal tractor at the corn maze. Sure, some of this was PE, but she also learned about problem solving, maps, and orienting in the maze, animal tracks as part of the kids activity, and she had a good time too!

There are many other pictures of what homeschooling looks like in our family, this is only a small sample. Sometimes we even sit at the kitchen table and use it to do our work...

Our day is not highly structured; we do not have a certain time to do history, a time for math etc. This may change when  I start teaching Midget and Munchkin both, but with just Munchkin in school this works for us. We do try to at least have some routine though...we eat breakfast and try to begin school right after breakfast with a break for morning chores, then back to school until lunch. If we haven't finished school work by lunchtime, we will work on it more after lunch, but normally we use the afternoons for creative things. We cook together, play or ride bikes outside, write letters, do puzzles, read, play games, or sometimes we have activities in town with the home-school group. 

Believe it or not, her "screen time" has actually gone down since we started home-schooling (Even with all this "free time.") She has seen that learning can be fun and spends much of her "free time" reading simple books or writing notes and letters. I love the change in attitude towards learning that I have seen since we began homeschooling.

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  1. This is great! I love seeing what homeschool looks like for other homeschoolers! I would definitely count the corn maze as school too! ;) Thank you for sharing!

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