Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Creation Truth

From the time that I was a child I have been taught that creation is true according to the Bible. I have believed that and do believe it still, but I never knew how to defend it to someone preaching evolution at me. I never realized that the fossil record actually backs up what the Bible tells us in Genesis...until tonight.

Tonight at church we had a special program called Animal Tales. (Click the link to learn more). The presenter taught us about how the fossil record backs up the truth of creation. 

We are taught in school that birds are descended from dinosaurs, and that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, so the Bible cannot possibly be true. 

Why is it that scientists believe dinosaurs lived millions of years ago? The layers of sedimentary rock that show various fossils "prove" dinosaurs lived long ago. 

But what happens if you put different types of sediment and silt in a jar with water and shake it up...then let it sit undisturbed? It settles back out into layers! (So the layers of sediment only prove that the flood in Noah's time really happened!)

The fossil record also proves in another way that the flood truly happened. Over 85% of the Earth's surface is covered with fossils of animals that suddenly died, all at the same time, by drowning. There are fossils of ocean fish and seashells that have been found in the mountains as well. Fossil record proves that a world-wide cataclysmic flood did occur.

Why are dinosaurs not mentioned in the Bible? The King James Bible was translated in 1611, but the word dinosaur was not used until 1841. The Bible simply used a different word. (In many verses the word used was Dragon.) There are mentions of Dragons also in log books of the Roman soldiers. 

I also did not know that reptiles never stop growing. In the time of Noah, reptiles could live for 300+ years...I can imagine they would get large enough in that time to be a "dinosaur." This also explains how they fit on the ark (the ones taken on the ark would not have been the 300 year old ones.)

How did Noah fit two of every animal on the Ark? He did not need two German Shepherds and two Toy Poodles etc. He only needed two of the most genetically complex of each type of animal (all breeds of dogs are descended from Grey Wolves...the most genetically complex of the dog type of animal). However, dogs only turned into other dog went back up the ladder and made a more genetically complex dog, nor did it turn into an Eagle.

Tonight was truly a revelation to me; I wish I had learned sooner because I think it would have made my faith that much stronger. I felt the need to share this tonight with someone, so thank you for taking the time to read it. I am excited to share this program with my home-school group, and see if we might have him come and do a program for our children.

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  1. Fabulous post! My church has been discussing this very thing lately so reading these words on your blog was a blessing - thank you for sharing! I found your blog through the blog hop and I am now happily following along. I look forward to visiting again!

    Your Sister in Christ,