Monday, November 25, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 11-24-2013

Ok, so I am a day late with my post, but here goes anyway!

1. Horizon
Snapped this shot the other morning when I had to be up before sunrise...

2. Sharp
The points on this dinosaur hat I made are "sharp" (archive)

3. Leather
The motorcycle seat munchkin is sitting on is leather. (Another Archive photo...she is 7 now)

 4. Blue
The sled munchkin is riding on is blue (Archive again)

 5. Diagonal Lines
Diagonal lines of clouds in the sky one evening this last week. (I noticed later the cars are parked diagonal also!)

Hope you enjoyed my interpretations! Linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday.


  1. Nice grouping. I expanded your horizon picture and was amazed at the detail. It would make a great background photo! Munchkin has sure changed in the time span you have shown.

  2. great pictures. I am often up early and have noticed some beautiful sunrises lately.