Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 12-1-2013

Well, I haven't posted anything all week due to being busy with my new job and the holiday....but my mom always makes sure I remember to link up to Scavenger Hunt Sunday. (Thanks Mom!) Here are my interpretations this week.

1. Starts with S
Scrubs...this is what I wore to work tonight.

 2. Texture
Texture of the floor mat in the bathroom.

3. Blessing(s)

The two greatest blessings in my life!

 4. Warmth
Gas logs in the fireplace...I really like the texture here too!

 5. I Went...

 I went... "Oh WOW!" when I noticed how similar my two children look as babies...the pictures really don't even do the similarities justice IMO. Wish I had pics of them posed the same in the same outfit...

Here is a recent(ish) one of them together to round it out.

Linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday!


  1. Your blessings are the best kind. I tried to tell them which was which in the "I went.." I couldn't, then I thought, oh, the eyebrows will tell, but no, that didn't help. The current together picture is really cute.

    1. The easiest way to tell is Munchkin has the widow's peak and little man doesn't, but in the sleeping pictures you can't see that.

  2. Beautiful blessings too :) Those are the jazziest scrubs i've seen!

  3. All so very precious and fun times for a wonderful life!

  4. Great set! Congratulations on the new job! Your children are adorable, that is so cute that you made a collage of them - they do look so similar! Now I'm wondering if my brother and I looked similar as babies, we definitely don't now!