Monday, November 11, 2013

The return of Scavenger Hunt Smunday!

Well, it is Scavenger Hunt Smunday Sunday was super busy, so hopefully y'all will forgive me. Here are my interpretations of the items this week.

1. Table
This was the cake table at Munchkin's party Sunday...she just turned 7.

 2. I collect...
No, it's not the presents...I collect gift bags. I never toss them unless they are ripped, I just use them again the next time I give a gift (sometimes I trade with someone for different bags...especially since we mostly get girly bags...or at least until Little Man came along.)

3. Music
Archive photo: My daughter playing a dance game on the Wii (she let her older siblings use the remotes, she was just in on the fun).

4. Yes!
The best Yes! face I was able to capture at her party Sunday...I wasn't quick enough when she found the money in her card lol...that was a really good Yes! face.

5. Someone I miss.
Another archive photo. This is a picture of my younger sister just a couple of weeks before she went home to Jesus. She was my best friend, and I miss her every single day.

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  1. Your music picture is really good. The birthday party theme was great for the table and collection.