Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's Your Status?

Please allow me a few moments to rant about one of my biggest pet peeves. The touching stories on Facebook or other social media, or even via text message which, at the end of them say, "Repost if you love God, if you do not repost you are ashamed of Him" or any other such nonsense.

I am a Christian, and many times those stories touch me so that I would feel inclined to share them...however, nine times out of ten I do not. My reason for not reposting such stories is that I feel it cheapens my relationship with God to have to defend it to another person by reposting. I hope that my friends and my family are able to know by my actions that I am a child of God, and I certainly don't think I need to repost a story in order to affirm my beliefs.

After all, a non-believer can just as easily hit "share" and have others think highly of him, but it is much more difficult for a non-believer to walk the walk with Jesus by his side. You cannot see Jesus in a non-believer, his life is not changed, but he reposted your story...so he must be a Christian right? This type of thinking can easily lead non-believers down the wrong path, and possibly believers too. They see someone post an "I love God" story, then look at that persons life and see the misery of a lost person...lost people have enough misery in their life already, why would they want to become a Christian? On the other hand, a changed life, a joyful life; that is something that people want. If you have joy in your life and are able to share that joy with others even when you are facing trials, that is the mark of a true Christian--not a Facebook status update.

So, to my family and friends, please do not ever think that I will think less of you if you do not repost the silly chain-letter "I love God" as your status "for one hour so that something good will happen." Instead, take the few seconds it would take to repost that story, and check in with God for a true "status update." Instead of thinking God will answer your prayer because you reposted some nonsense, ask in faith, believing that He will answer, and He will. God doesn't care what your Facebook status update says...He cares about the status of your heart, and whether or not it belongs to Him.

End of rant...thank you for listening!

How do you feel about those "chain" posts? Do you repost?


  1. Well said. I agree. We should do what God leads us personally to do.

  2. Although I do not share the belief, I highly agree with the point you are making. A lot of people on social media are "fake" and share things so that people think higher of them.

    1. Yes, it can be a real problem. People post the best parts of their life on social media and others looking on think how terrible their life is when this buddy has it all together...nobody has it all together...but some are better at faking it than others.