Monday, March 10, 2014

A home-school education is not inferior

When I checked my mail today, I was not expecting to receive a letter insulting my children and myself. This letter came from the county school board where I live and concerned participation in certain programs offered through the school system. (Title I, Title IIA, and IDEA-B). The letter in particular was not offensive, but this statement of purpose bothered me: The purpose of assistance under this project is to improve the educational opportunities" --sounds good so far, right?--"of educationally deprived (emphasis mine) children..." The purpose statement continued, but I had read enough.

I received this letter because I am a Home School Administrator (aka Home-school Mom) and apparently, my children are therefore "educationally deprived" and in need of assistance from the board of education. This letter did not come as a result of a failure to properly educate my child; it was sent to all home-school administrators who are registered with the county board of education in accordance with Kentucky law.

My "educationally deprived" first grader is learning sign language and Spanish in addition to her regular first grade curriculum. She is taught in our home with plenty of one-on-one instruction time. She no longer has to catch the bus at 6:30am, and be gone from home until 4:30pm. We have the flexibility to spend extra time in areas where she struggles, and to work ahead in areas where she excels." Our school budget for art, music, and PE has not been cut. We do Art and PE every day, not just on Tuesday and Thursday, and Music is not confined to the hour after lunch on Wednesday and Fridays. We do not skim or skip over chapters in history because they "aren't on the test."

My daughter is a happy, well-adjusted seven-year old who is, in no way, "educationally deprived." Needless to say, we will not be utilizing these "services" offered by the school board.


  1. I would have to print out a copy of this blog post & mail it back with the original forms...having highlighted the portion about being educationally deprived. lol It would be nice to see the response you receive. You may even include a note that if the heading on the form were changed (because you could not possibly, in good conscience, fill out the form as it is) you may be inclined to consider it without being greatly insulted...AND share the new form on your blog, so that everyone could see how 'cooperative' the school is with homeschoolers requests. ;-)

    1. That is an interesting idea, Laryssa. Since writing this post, I have learned that the purpose statement in question is created at the national level and applies to all students, rather than only home-school and private school students. I still do not like the terms used, but feel a bit better knowing it wasn't specifically targeted at home-schools. Thanks for your comment!