Friday, March 28, 2014

A Vacation from Education?

Last week, my children and I joined my Mom for a quick vacation in +Branson Missouri. When Alyson was in public school, we were not as conscious of including learning in our vacation time as we are now. As a home-school mom, I have figured out how to have a fun day and still count much of it as school time. Please don't mistake this--I am not saying we should never have fun just for the sake of fun--after all, that is a part of learning too! I want to share with you what we have done in the past to incorporate learning, and what we plan to do in the future as well.

One of the best places I have found for a vacation that is both educational and fun is +Silver Dollar City Attractions. They even have some lesson plans already made up for you (most of these work better for children older than mine).

While at #SDC Alyson practiced budgeting: she wrote down each item she wanted to purchase as we walked through the park, and then figured out how much money she had and which things she could afford this trip versus which things she could live without until next time. Considering the length of her original list, I counted this as handwriting practice too.

She practiced map reading and orienteering as she looked for which ride, 
shop or show she wanted to visit next and led us there using the park map.

 We visited Sullivan's Mill and learned how corn is ground into cornmeal. 
Prompted a discussion on what cornmeal is used for.

 Peanut Brittle was being made at Brown's Candy Factory, so we stopped to watch the lesson 
and learned how to make 18 lbs of peanut brittle.
We also visited Hill Creek Pottery, and watched this young lady making large mugs/steins on the pottery wheel. Alyson was enthralled. She didn't move from this spot the entire time we browsed the store.

We joined the Gospel singing at the Wilderness Church which falls under music appreciation.

Things we did not do this time but have in the past include:

Tour Marvel Cave (Geology, Bats, Local history)
Watch the glass blowers at work at Hazel's.
Watch taffy being made at Phoebe Snapp's
History Lesson at the Oak Trail Schoolhouse
and much more!

We learn something every time we visit Silver Dollar City, so I almost always count it as at least a partial school-day What have you learned while on vacation? At SDC or anywhere else...?


  1. As Unschoolers alot of our learning comes from trips! This looked like an awesome place to have fun and learn at the same time. Thanks for taking the time to link up at the Homeschool Linky Party this week. Hope to see you again next week!

  2. Yeah! As a homeschool mom, whether I try to or not, I am always trying to find the learning in everything! Haha! Sounds crazy. In a few days, I am going to write about how one can learn in Puerto Rico! Hey now! Maybe I can convince my hubby to take us. It will be an educational field trip

    Thanks so much for linking this post up with us at the #homeschoollinkup!

    1. Thanks for reading! We love our educational trips.