Sunday, March 23, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 3/23/14

This week, the kids and I met my mom in Missouri for a couple of days at our favorite theme-park, +Silver Dollar City Attractions. Most of my scavenger hunt pictures today were taken from inside the park. (Check back later this week for more details on our trip).

1. Leading lines
These lines were leading right into the park. Mom and munchkin had just stepped off the tram in this picture. I would tell you which ones they are, but wouldn't want mom to be embarrassed by her jean coat circa 1980s (Oops! Sorry Mom!) In her defense, it was really cold, and I'm certain her coat was warmer than mine.

2. Relationship
These two #SDC employees had a great working relationship 
at Copper Kettle Candies / Brown's Candy Factory.
Don't leave without a Peanut Brittle Sample!

 3. Good Morning!
Now that I have shown you this beautiful "Good morning" photo, in the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit it was taken in the afternoon/evening. I could not find any scenery picture that 
better said "Good Morning" than this one taken through the window 
of my van since there was not enough room to pull all the way off of the road. 

4. Together
Before we left for our trip, I took this picture of the kids and I together. Mental note: buy a remote shutter release so you don't chop your own head off trying to take pictures with the kids.

 5. Project
Eighteen pounds of peanut brittle is a bit larger project than I feel up to undertaking.

 5. Project (again--because I couldn't decide)
This young lady is working on a large mug/stein at Hill Creek Pottery in #SilverDollarCity. Munchkin watched her the entire time we were in the store. She was fascinated. 
This is the type of project I would love to try someday.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my interpretations of the photo prompts this week. I would love for you to follow my blog and watch for the posts coming up later this week about our trip.

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If you want to participate next week, here are the prompts we will be using:

1. What IS that?
2. Yum
3. On the Road
4. On the Shelf
5. Bad Habit


  1. It looks like you had a great time. I love your together shot.

  2. We go to Branson two or three times per year, but it's been ages since we visited Silver Dollar City. Nice set of images.

  3. 18 lbs of peanut brittle would be too much for me too! Great pottery shot.

  4. fun pictures!!! my kids went to that park with my inlaws a few years ago... they thought it was great!

  5. Great set of photos from SDC. I suppose it was the coat that made me look like a granny. I like your together shot.

  6. I just love it, what a wonderful world you live in! Great fun.