Monday, April 7, 2014

Picture prompted.

Photo Credit:
"Foggy Otzarreta" by Joserra Martinez:

+MJ Bush asked "What kind of scene would you write here?" Here is my response:

Breathless, Loraine slumped against the tree--a soft cushion of moss beneath her. She peered through the early morning fog back the way she had come--towards Morling Manor.  
The house would soon be waking; they would find her missing and set the dogs on her. Loraine dipped her bare feet, bloodied by sharp rocks, into the water. Whirlpools of red, changed to pink froth and were swept downstream. The wounds healed almost immediately on contact with the water. 
Loraine's fingers splayed over the moss carpeting the forest floor. If only she could stay in this place--but such dreams were impossible. Her kind would never be safe in Shermel Forest; not while the Morlings were around. She shivered at the thought of her recent captivity--she must keep going. 

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  1. Great start. Are you going to finish it?

    1. Maybe. It will definitely go in my idea file for story-starters. I do not consider myself a science fiction writer as this passage suggests but maybe my brain is trying to tell me something... Thanks for commenting.

  2. Made me feel like I was there...sounds beautiful.

    1. Thank you Mariah. As a writer I love hearing that my work transports people to another place and/or time. After all, that's why we read.