Friday, May 2, 2014

Flash Friday 5-2-14

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The Sea Horse. Photo and sculpture by Jeffro Uitto

No Escape (158 words)

Loraine always enjoyed her early-morning run along the beach. She ran as her true self. Her hood fell back, allowing her black tresses to tangle in the wind. With fog thick around her, she felt safely anonymous on the deserted beach. As she ran, water droplets clung to her skin, creating iridescent arcs against silvery scales—her webbed feet left extraordinary marks in the wet sand until the tide swept them away.

Loraine’s thoughts were on her promotion. At only thirteen, she had been chosen to join the most noble of factions—during tonight’s ceremony she would become a member of the Royal Order of Protectors.

“Crack!” The sound echoed against the bluffs. Loraine whirled--every muscle tensed. Twenty yards away stood a driftwood sculpture of a wild mustang. It beckoned. She stepped closer. Her hair whipped about her shoulders—a warning!

As she dove under the waves, Loraine realized there would be no escape—she was targeted.

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