Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easy Peasy Quesadillas (From Leftovers!)

Looking for something yummy to eat? If you have a couple flour tortillas, some cheese, and leftovers of some type, you can probably make one of my Easy Peasy Quesadillas.

Before we get started, a disclaimer: Certain types of leftovers may not be ideal for adding to quesadillas (soups or casseroles for example), but a cheese quesadilla and a cup of leftover chili sounds pretty good together!

For this recipe, I will be using Flour Tortillas (2 per quesadilla, or 1 per half-quesadilla), Cheese (as much or little as you like), leftover Taco Meat (or sausage, bacon, lunchmeat, chicken, or veggies), Onion, and Diced Jalapenos. You will also need a little oil or butter to grease the skillet.

Step 1: Grease your skillet.

Step 2: Add a flour tortilla and some cheese. You will want to work quickly from this point so that yor tortilla does not get over-browned on the bottom.
Step 3: Add your meat.

Step 4: Add any veggies or additional ingredients.

I have to say...this looks delicious!

Step 5: Add some more cheese on top- this will make the two tortillas stick together when you have so many toppings they want to fall apart. Yum!

Step 6: Add another flour tortilla to the top and press it down with your hand.

Step 7: Flip the whole thing over--you might need to hold that top tortilla on when doing this. I just do it very quickly and it (usually) works.

Step 8: Make another half because it looks so delicious! (Or because you have one odd tortilla).

These can be a little harder to get rolled over and careful not to burn yourself! (Even though the bottom is cooked, it is a good idea to flip it to melt that fresh cheese you just put on top--or put cheese over the whole tortilla when you start--I'm known for doing things the hard way.)

Step 9: Cut into slices.

Step 10: Serve with sour cream and salsa (or guacamole and fresh pico de gallo).

(Step 11:) Devour.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Did you try it? Do you ever put "strange" things on your quesadillas like peanut butter and pickles? Share with all of us in the comments.

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