Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday 5/18/16

Another week; another Writing Prompt Wednesday. 

Here’s how it works. Each Wednesday throughout the summer, I will post some sort of writing prompt on this blog. It might be a picture, a word or phrase, or a bit of dialogue. It could even be a feeling or a smell.

Anyone who wishes to play along may write a scene or an entire story using the prompt. You can keep these stories to yourself if you like, using this as an exercise for your writing brain, or you may share with us in the comments below. Occasionally I will share my scene or story as well.

If you choose to share your story in the comments, please keep it clean. I started this series by request of a student, and would like to keep it where people of all ages and backgrounds can participate.

There are no winners and losers here, no prizes or fame to be had. My intent is for everyone who participates to have fun and be encouraged. 

Here is the writing prompt for this week.
              Hot dogs and coffee.

Here are a few questions to get you started. Why hot dogs and coffee? Who is eating? Is this breakfast or lunch? Does this combination taste good to them?

Remember, you can answer all of the questions, some or none.

"Those earthlings don't know what they are missing" Valdar spoke into his comlink. "They don't even eat hotdogs and coffee in the same meal, much less together."

"Is it better than pah pah and kesh?" asked a tinny voice over the comlink.

"Oh yes! They have this goop called mustard to put on the hotdog, and if you dip the hotdog in your coffee, it is amazing. The mustard helps flavor the coffee and the coffee makes the hot dog bun so soft and yummy."

"Well, maybe we could leave a human or two alive long enough to teach us how to make this delicacy. I will join you soon for lunch."


Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear your interpretation: add it in the comments.


  1. It didn't seem like we'd have much of a feast that Christmas. Couldn't afford groceries that week. All that was in the kitchen was hot dogs and coffee. Didn't seem to seem like it should go together, but the mustard added a festive touch when little Timmy reminded us what faith the size of a mustard seed could do.

    1. Picking up on the Christmas tablecloth was a good idea. Thanks for playing along with us.